Human 3-D Dissection CD-ROM

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Human 3-D Dissection CD-ROM
Can Take the Place of Actual Human Dissection

Use the Latest Technology to View Three-Dimensional Images of Dissections
Go beyond common photos and illustrations with three-dimensional images of actual dissections rendered on your classroom computer. As a visual supplement to your anatomy lectures, or simply for a student’s independent study, the 3-D Dissection Systems allow students to see the most realistic images of dissection available. Each program can be run in lecture, tutorial, or quiz mode. You can display images with labeled structures to enhance your class lectures or have students view the images while listening to accompanying audio narration as a tutorial for independent study.

When it’s not feasible to have students dissect a real cadaver, utilize over 400 three-dimensional dissection images that provide the most complete coverage of human anatomy available. The images are taken from the renowned Bassett Atlas of Human Anatomy, designed and authored by a panel of the country’s foremost anatomists for courses in nursing, pre-med, physician assistant, and physical therapy studies. All body regions are labeled in detail, including the head and neck, back, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, upper limbs, and lower limbs. The accompanying narration provides associated clinical and physiological information, as well as useful supplemental information. As an added benefit, students can work with the program in a “quiz” mode, which leaves the labels blank, to review for practical exams. Requires 3-D Dissection Base System, available separately.