Secret Life of Plants Video Set

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Secret Life of Plants Video Set
Stunning 3-D Computer Animations Reveal Life Cycle Processes in Detail

Take your class inside a plant to witness the dynamic events of reproduction with these videos based on the most sophisticated computer-generated animations and graphics to date. Each topic is presented in three different levels of complexity, allowing you to choose the best one for your needs. Level one, simple, is short and easy to understand and is recommended for introductory studies; level two, intermediate, presents simple terminology with summaries and is recommended for high school studies; and level three, advanced, presents scientific terminology and is recommended for college level studies. The teacher’s notes are available on the internet. Titles with content follow.

WARD’S Secret Life of Mosses
With its simple form, large sex organs, and large sporangium, this is an ideal starting point for discussing the plant life cycle. The method by which sperm travels and the release of spores are well illustrated in this video. Duration: simple, 8 minutes; intermediate, 13 minutes; advanced, 12 minutes.

WARD’S Secret Life of Ferns
Slightly more complex, the fern is useful to illustrate an exciting mechanism of spore release, factors that regulate sexuality, and stages in embryo formation. Duration: simple, 9 minutes; intermediate, 16 minutes; advanced, 14 minutes.

WARD’S Secret Life of Pines
Go inside pine cones to see how pollen is formed and how it reaches the ovule deep inside the ovulate cone triggering the chain of events ending in seed release, dormancy, and germination. Duration: simple, 15 minutes; intermediate, 19 minutes; advanced, 17 minutes.

WARD’S Secret Life of Flowering Plants
This complex life cycle is made easy to understand by positioning the viewer inside the stamen and the ovary. Pollen formation, pollen tube growth, ovule formation, fertilization, embryo and fruit formation have never been seen in this exciting way. Duration: simple, 17 minutes; intermediate, 21 minutes; advanced, 19 minutes.