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Ward's Chemical Safety Documents

Find the Right Documents for Your Chemicals

Many Ward's Chemicals now feature updated GHS-compliant SDS documents to help you meet the latest safety requirements in your lab. You can also still access MSDS documents for the Ward's Chemicals you may currently have in your storage cabinet.

Quickly locate and download all the documents you need, all in one place:

Download an SDS for Your New Chemical Here

Download an MSDS for Your Existing Chemical Here

Not sure which documents are available for your chemical?

An updated GHS-compliant SDS is available IF:

-The label looks like this:


A current MSDS is available IF:

-The label looks like this:


The Plus is Us.

Our in-house chemistry and education experts remain ahead of the latest chemical safety regulations and requirements to ensure you have the most up-to-date SDS in your chemistry lab. Questions about a chemistry product? We’re here to help! Email us at and we’ll help you find a solution.