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Professional Development

Discover free professional development in a variety of topics.


Professional Development

Ward’s Science Professional Development

Free Online Training for Today’s Curriculum Topics

Our free online professional development webinars are live, interactive, and led by the Ward's Science Plus US team of science and education experts. Learn about the latest time-saving products, solutions, and techniques for today's science classroom.

Spots are limited. First come, first serve on the day of the webinar.

Latest Lab Safety Requirements and Solutions

Join our chemistry and safety experts to learn about the latest lab safety requirements and simple solutions for keeping students safe in your lab. In this live, interactive workshop, we'll discuss hot topics including teacher liability and Duty of Care: OSHA regulations and the new Globally Harmonized System of hazard classification and how it affects you as a teacher. We'll show you how to develop and/or update a chemical hygiene plan; how to safely conduct a chemical inventory; How to read new GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets and labels; how to use safety equipment in your science lab; How to safely store chemicals in your science lab; and when and how to use Personal Protective Equipment in your classroom.

Date - 9/21/2015
Time - 4:00 PM EDT 
Presenter - Dr. Liz Hoffman

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Turn Science Lessons into STEM Connections with Hands-On Kits

Ward's Science makes it easy to incorporate STEM into your daily teaching activities. With hands-on science and innovative skills that connect technology, engineering, and quantitative analysis into every subject, we've made it simple to turn your existing science lessons into STEM connections! Join us to explore some of our STEM specific Hands-On Kits and learn how exciting science can be!

Date -  9/23/2015
Time - 4:00 PM EDT
Presenter - Samantha Bonelli

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Dissection of a Bullfrog

In this webinar, you'll dig deeper than dissection. You'll discover how to define learning goals for your dissection labs that put dissections in the context of standards. Learn time-saving tips for preparing for your lab activity, and discuss easy ways to connect student lab skills to science practices and real-world applications.

Date - 9/28/2015
Time - 4:00 PM EDT
Presenter - Nick Rosse

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Grant Writing: Designing for Dollars

The purpose of this webinar is to help teachers turn their science education ideas into well designed projects that will engage and excite funders. Funders respond will to very specific plans so we will focus on clear, concrete, and specific science project activities that result in measurable, positive changes for the students. Teachers will walk away with an easy to use planning tool that links resources, activities, and outcomes that together, describe their science project with crystal clarity. Templates of project design models and worksheets will be available to registered participants on the day of the webinar.

Date - 9/30/2015
Time - 4:00 PM EDT
Presenter - Dr. Rusti Berent

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Critters in the Classroom: Scales and Tails Edition

Check these amphibians and reptiles out! Learn how to incorporate critters in the classroom. We'll provide fun facts about structure, function, and habitat that will surely excite your students.

Date - 10/7/2015
Time - 4:00 PM EDT
Presenter - Melissa Eschbach

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