Virus Modeling Kit

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Virus Modeling Kit
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This interdisciplinary kinesthetic lab has groups of students building their own models of 5 different viruses: tobacco mosaic, mumps, influenza, potato X, and a bacteriophage.

This activity teaches the diversity of structure of different viruses, provides an excellent lead in to lessons on the lytic and lysogenic cycles of viruses, and shows that animals, plants, and bacteria are all susceptible to viruses. Developed by Dawn Kessler. Some assembly is required.

Ordering information: Kit includes materials for 10 student groups: 10 3" Styrofoam™ balls, 4 oz. copper wire, 100 colored straight pins, 250 toothpicks, 144 assorted beads, 30 12" pipe cleaners, ziplip bag, 100 3x5 index cards, 35 pink star beads, instructions, bolt, end cap.