APES Lab #1: The Soil Factor: How Does Your Garden Grow?

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APES Lab #1: The Soil Factor: How Does Your Garden Grow?
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This lab illustrates the power of renewable solar energy.

  • Assessments Build Skills in Hypothesizing, Testing Methods & More
  • Labs Connect to Real-World Environmental Issues
  • Activities Align with AP® Environmental Science Topics I.A, IV.A, and IV.D.
  • Lab Allows for Maximum Lesson Flexibility
  • Online Resources Available
Students examine the critical role of soil and soil dynamics in our environment in this comprehensive introduction to soil properties and classification methods. They explore soil texture, porosity, soil nutrients, soil moisture and holding capacity, and the impact these factors have on growing plants. Four individual activities and assessments build skills in hypothesizing, testing methods, and data analysis. Two additional activities challenge students' ability to apply these skills to real-world problems through applied and guided-inquiry methods.

Ward’s teacher-inspired lab activities for your APES curriculum brings students to a new level of understanding. They're designed to offer maximum lesson flexibility and save time in your classroom. These challenging labs provide the most comprehensive coverage of key AP® Environmental Science curriculum topics with an innovative Three-in-One approach featuring traditional, applied, and inquiry-based activity options. Content is focused on real-world applications that bring current environmental issues to the forefront of student learning. Math and vocabulary concepts are integrated into the material. Links to online resources that develop critical thinking skills are included. Labs include an in-depth Teacher's Guide with extensive background information, teacher notes, and step-by-step instructions to save you valuable planning time. Every activity is backed by Ward’s® expert in-house support team. For group demonstrations, choose the Single Master Kit with all materials for one lab setup, a comprehensive teacher’s guide, and student copymasters. For individual setups for your entire class, the Classroom Package is a cost-saving option with eight lab setups, teacher’s guide and student copymasters. AP® and Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board. All activity materials have been prepared by Ward’s® Natural Science, which bears sole responsibility for their contents.

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