Ward's® Testing for Nutrients in Food Lab Activity

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Ward's® Testing for Nutrients in Food Lab Activity
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Do You Know What You're Eating?

  • The activity features our exclusive WARD’S®-developed lipid test strips
  • Time requirement: 45 minutes
Perform four qualitative chemical tests on supplied test standards and food samples that you supply in order to determine the presence of macronutrients, such as lipids, sugars, starches, and proteins. Prior to running the experiment students will make predictions on which macronutrients will appear.

Ordering information: Activity includes Glucose Solution, Egg Albumin, Starch Solution,Olive Oil, Biuret Reagent Solution, Benedict's Solution, Iodine Solution, Lipid Test Strips, Disposable Pipettes, Culture Tubes, and Teacher's Guide and Student Copymaster. Hot Plate, Tongs, Timer, Test Tube Racks, Food Sample(s), Marking pen or Wax Pencil, Goggles, Apron, and Protective Gloves are required but not included.