Ward's® Stormwater Floodplain Simulation System

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Planning Agency / Civil Engineer / Milwaukee, WI
Yes, I recommend
We bought the floodplain model for use by our professional organization members at school and science related events. Gets used about 6 times per year and is easy to deploy and very popular. One of our members constructed a custom wooden box for the model which has protected it well. Unfortunately a bit heavy to transport with the wooden box. Only issue we have had after about 10 years of use is some water leaking under the unit. Most likely due to some breaks in the seal between the land surface of the model and the clear outer box. We have tried to patch, but have been unable to fully fix. A few towels are on hand at all times.
WARDSCI.com associate Published 09/19/2022
Thank you for the great feedback! Unfortunately, we do not offer a specific carrying case at this time. But, please note that the box this item comes in accommodates the spigot attached so we recommend you save and use this box. In the meantime, I will share your request with our team for a future product consideration.
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Floodplain Manager / MO
Yes, I recommend
The simulator is very well constructed and is a great visual for demonstrating the flow of water in a floodplain due to rain and storm water. We use it to provided a better idea of why floodplains are important and how they work, this simulator gives a great hands on and visual experience. The only negative and or warning I can give is, the measurements provided on the description are not accurate. I ordered a case, same time I ordered the simulator (mistake there). The actual measurements of the simulator I received do not meet all the same as the ones giving on the site. Just a fair warning to wait and measure it for yourself before ordering anything to store and transport it in. Other than that, like I said before the model itself is very well crafted and visual great.
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Grand Rapids, M
Yes, I recommend
Great addition to the classroom - This is a great model to demonstrate how floodplains work. We use it both at our nature center and when we travel into school classrooms. Lessons are well thought out, provide opportunities for student investigation and processing of data and has flexibility for the educator to modify its use for multiple thematic activities.
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Ward's® Stormwater Floodplain Simulation System
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
This system helps students understand the critical role that floodplains play in the life of a watershed and the impact of unplanned development and human activity in key areas through innovative hands-on simulations.

  • Realistic Recreation with Student-Friendly Features
  • Kit Features Eight Activities
  • Detailed User's Guide Included
  • Large Acrylic Tank Included
  • Students Work Together to Find Solutions to Floodplain Issues
Developed for education and outreach in cooperation with the Michigan Stormwater-Floodplain Association, this large-scale model allows students to create, test, and visualize how various factors within the watershed can impact storm water runoff and flooding. Through the use of the model, students explore the value of retention ponds and wetlands in flood management. They construct their own levees and witness how stream flow is affected during times of high runoff. They work as a team to find and test solutions to a variety of floodplain problems simulated by the model. A large, clear acrylic tank features a durable, hand-painted resin landform insert and two different rainmaker trays to create different rainfall intensities.

Three custom acrylic “plug and play” headwater trays for wetland, parking lot, and retention-pond simulations also come with a variety of accessories and models for enacting realistic environmental scenarios. Additional materials are provided for constructing levees and other landscape settings. A custom riser allows for stepped changed in slope and broader experimentation, and a staff gage is mounted for clearly and easily measuring river levels.