Enzyme Catalysis Lab Activity

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Enzyme Catalysis Lab Activity
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Convenient Syringe Titration Assemblies Make Procedure Easy

  • 50 mL Economy Glass Burette
  • It features 0.1 mL graduations, ±0.1 mL tolerance
  • Materials for a class of 32 students working in eight lab groups, or eight students working in two lab groups
  • Refill kits for the larger size are also available
We listened to you! Coupons redeemable for the perishable materials are now included in our lab activities, giving you more flexibility! Measure the activity of the enzyme catalase, converting hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen gas, with this lab activity. We include all components required, except for a potato or fresh liver, to perform various investigations on enzyme activity, rates of reaction, and regulation of enzymes. Students can also design their own experiments to study other enzymes, activity rates, and environmental effects on enzymes. Ward's includes easy-to-use syringe titration assemblies, an economical alternative to the traditional burette assemblies. If you choose to use burettes in your experiments, our Economy Glass Burettes (1 per group) are available separately.

Accessories information: Refill kits contain only consumable component items and do not contain additional copy masters.

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