miniPCR® Agricultural Monitoring Lab: A Case Study in Antibiotic Resistance

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miniPCR® Agricultural Monitoring Lab: A Case Study in Antibiotic Resistance
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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have been traced to one farm and neighbors are concerned.

  • Techniques: Micropipetting, PCR, gel electrophoresis
  • Topics: Microbiology, infectious disease, antibiotic resistance, natural selection, environmental science, biotechnology
  • Time required: Can be completed in two 45-minute class periods or one 90-minute class period
  • Level: General high school through college
This lab (formerly known as 'miniPCR® Antibiotic Resistance Lab: Monitoring resistant organisms in the environment') presents a fictional case study of a very real problem. Epidemiologists have traced an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to one farm. Students will use PCR to determine if the antibiotic-resistant bacteria have spread to neighboring areas. This case study introduces students to how molecular analyses can serve as a tool in environmental monitoring and surveillance. Produced in collaboration with PARE – The Prevalence of Antibiotic-Resistance in the Environment project at Tufts University. No harmful samples are used in this lab.

Reagents and consumables supplied by user:
- Agarose (electrophoresis grade)
- DNA stain (e.g., GelGreen™)
- Gel electrophoresis buffer (e.g., 1X TBE)
- Distilled or deionized H₂O (to dilute buffer concentrate – not included in Lab Companion Kit)
- Microtubes
- PCR tubes

Required equipment:
- Micropipettes and tips
- Thermal cycler
- Gel electrophoresis and visualization system

Storage notes:
- Reagents require freezer storage
- Reagents are stable for 12 months when stored in the freezer

Accessories information: The learning lab companion kit (catalog no. 470352-026) contains all the consumables (except water) needed for a class of 32 students. These reagents and consumables can also be sourced independently.

Delivery information: The miniPCR® Antibiotic Resistance Lab kit contains reagents for 8 lab groups: 5X EZ PCR Master Mix, Load Ready™; PARE Primer Mix; 2 Environmental DNA samples; Negative control DNA sample; Positive control DNA sample; 100 bp DNA Ladder, Load Ready™. Note: Reagents are compatible with blueGel™ or other standard horizontal electrophoresis systems.