miniPCR® Bandit™ Biotech Premium Pack

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miniPCR® Bandit™
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miniPCR® Bandit™ Biotech Premium Pack
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
The complete setup for biotech fundamentals! The Bandit™ Biotech Premium Pack provides everything you need for eight lab groups to:

  • Build a functional and reusable gel electrophoresis system
  • Discover how circuits and electric fields can be used to investigate the properties of molecules
  • Develop pipetting skills by engaging your creative side with pipette art
  • Hone gel loading skills with silicone practice gels
  • Investigate and separate molecules with the included Molecular Rainbow Learning Lab
  • Explore genetics concepts with associated Dye Electrophoresis Labs (sold separately)
Teach fundamental biotech skills and methods while illuminating underlying physical and chemical principles. Then, apply those techniques to answer biological questions. All on a classroom-friendly budget!

Delivery information: Bandit™ Biotech Premium Bundle includes: Eight Bandit™ STEM Electrophoresis Kits (power sources included): Build it to understand it! Perfect for introducing the fundamentals of gel electrophoresis to introductory users.
Eight 10 µl Minipette: Fixed volume micropipette perfect for learning to pipette and load gels. One 20 µl Minipette: Fixed volume micropipette for teacher use. Two bags of 100 micropipette tips 2 to 200 µl: Enough tips to get you going. Micropipetting Practice Dyes: Hone your pipetting skills with 5 ml each of blue, yellow and red micropipetting practice dyes. Eight Micropipette Art Cards: Use your pipetting dyes to put the A in STEAM. This reusable template pairs with our Micropipette Art activity so you can create colorful, artistic images all while developing your pipetting skills. Ten Silicone Practice Gels: Hone your gel loading skills with this set of durable, reusable silicone practice gels. One Molecular Rainbow Learning Lab: Electrophorese molecular mixtures and explore properties of molecules.