United Scientific Aluminum Alloy Tuning Forks

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TFK320 TFK1024 TFK2048 TFK341 TFK128 TFK480 TFK512 TFK640 TFK100 TFK4096 TFK426 TFK256 TFK288 TFK384
470349-680EA 5.99 USD
470353-002 470349-680 470353-038 470349-672 470349-648 470349-626 470005-910 470349-674 470349-662 470349-610 470349-642 470349-644 470349-614 470349-624
United Scientific Aluminum Alloy Tuning Forks
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Long, pure sounding aluminum tuning forks.

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Each fork is individually stamped with the frequency and note
The frequency and scale letter is stamped on each fork. These easy to activate tuning forks are perfect for investigating sound. Do not strike with a hard object, use a tuning fork activator.