High Vacuum Pumps, Fischer Technical

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470348-958EA 1676.86 USD
470348-958 470348-952 470348-984 470348-962 470348-950 470348-972 470348-960 470348-956 470348-978 470348-966 470348-954 470348-976 470348-964 470348-970
High Vacuum Pumps, Fischer Technical
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High vacuum pumps are rotary style, comes with different CFM (L/m). The two stage direct drive pumps are ideal for use in virtually all high vacuum applications. Our pumps are tested to 15 µm Hg but are suitable for all applications requiring a vacuum under 500 µm Hg. Operating temperature: 30 to 170 °F.

Comes with switchable dual voltage/dual cycle motor and both US 110 to 220 V plugs. It also includes an installed 0 to 30'' Bourdon tube type gauge.

The pumps use high vacuum pump oil (one quart included) and are designed to run on a closed and dry system. Regular oil changes and proper maintenance will ensure these pumps will last for years in your laboratory.