Eisco Plastic Conical Measures, Graduated

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470345-536EA 6.9 USD
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Eisco Plastic Conical Measures, Graduated
Cylinders Measuring Cylinders
Conical measure with pouring spout and hexagonal base.

  • Made of high quality translucent polypropylene plastic
  • Measuring cup features a conical shape and a hexagonal base for maximum stability
  • Features excellent optical clarity with raised graduations and specifications
  • The rigid construction is resistant to fatigue for superior and dependable durability
  • Autoclavable for easy cleaning and sterilization
Calibrated to contain. Translucent, rigid construction and superior optical clarity. Easy to read, raised graduation lines. 1 ml graduation lines. Hexagonal base for extra stability, and a spout for easy pouring. Microwavable and resistant to fatigue for long term durability. High heat tolerance with a temperature range of –180 to +145 °C. Autoclavable at 121 °C for easy cleaning and sterilization.