Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus

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Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus
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This apparatus, made of borosilicate glass, features PTFE stopcocks and includes platinum and carbon electrodes, providing a comprehensive setup for electrolysis.

  • Used for demonstrating the electrolytic decomposition of water or determining chemical composition
  • Made from heavy duty borosilicate 3.3 glass with glass key stopcock
The Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus is used for the demonstration of the chemical composition of water and the production of gases through chemical reactions. The borosilicate glass unit consists of two 50 ml capacity outer tubes graduated in 0.2 ml increments, connected to a central tube with a 200 ml-capacity funnel-shaped bulb. The supplied platinum electrodes mounted in rubber stoppers are used for the electrolysis of acidified water; carbon electrodes are supplied for ammonia solutions, hydrochloric acid, or other chloride-containing solutions. Includes an instruction guide.

Ordering information: A support stand with clamps (model CH0740F) and 12 V DC power supply are required but NOT included.

Delivery information: Includes hoffman electrolysis apparatus with two PTFE stopcocks, two carbon electrodes in rubber stoppers, two platinum electrodes in rubber stoppers, and instruction guide.