Eisco ASTM Glass Graduated Cylinders, Class A

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Eisco ASTM Glass Graduated Cylinders, Class A
Cylinders Measuring Cylinders
The highest quality and precision in cylinders.

  • Made of high quality, heavy duty, borosilicate 3.3 glass
  • Conforms with ASTM E1272 Class A tolerance standards
  • Hexagonal base provides maximum stability and prevents rolling when placed on side
  • Easy-to-read graduations and specifications
  • Fitted with a removable, plastic protective collar
Spout for easy pouring, and hexagonal base for extra stability. Class A tolerance conforms with ISO/ASTM. Autoclavable, with superior chemical durability. Low temperature gradient - can withstand high temperatures and thermal shocks. Calibrated to contain.

Eisco Labs Borosilicate glass has the following heat tolerances:
- Strain Point 515 °C
- Annealing Point 565 °C
- Softening Point 820 °C

Packaging: One unit per pack.