Science Olympiad 2022-2023 Division C Chemistry Kit

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Science Olympiad 2022-2023 Division C Chemistry Kit
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Applied Chemistry Learning Activities
Prepare for upcoming competitions with this practice kit, from the only partner officially licensed and approved by science olympiad.

  • Designed hand-in-hand with the national event supervisors
  • Aligned to NGSS-based science olympiad events
  • Event rules can be downloaded FREE from the science olympiad website:
This kit contains chemistry materials hand selected by the science olympiad organization that students can use for division C.

The 2022-2023 science olympiad kits were developed to provide an introduction to each event and are not intended to be an 'out of the box solution' for competition. Students and competitors should practice innovation and creativity to make their design their own competition-ready device/activity.

Delivery information: Kit contains chromatography paper, beakers, dropper pipets, pH paper, support stand, burette, erlenmeyer flask, burette clamp, petri dishes, thermometers, dropper bottles, microscope slides, coverslips, polystyrene color plates, scoopulas, dual magnifier hand lens, cobalt glass plate.