The Apprentice Doctor® Budget Phlebotomy Training Arm

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The Apprentice Doctor® Budget Phlebotomy Training Arm
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Priced so everyone can have their own.

  • Learn or refresh Venipuncture, Phlebotomy, and IV skills
  • Gain confidence as a medical professional
  • Demonstrate what to do to others
Offering a high level of realism, this simulation arm has the anatomically accurate venous anatomy for both dorsal (back of the hand) and ventral (cubital fossa) surfaces. The veins are palpable and partially visible. They provide a give-feel effect when entering the vein, so users feel like they are treating a live patient. The realistic touch and feel of the phlebotomy training arm make it perfect for phlebotomy instruction and student practice. Get a real hands-on learning experience.

Good quality and highly durable, the phlebotomy arm has a durable design that lasts. The same puncture site of the skin can withstand hundreds of punctures when using small gauge needles. This IV practice arm’s skin automatically reseals after each needle stick and the sealing process strengthens over time, so after a few months in storage, users can often use the arm a second or third year. IV practice arms are often used in group training environments and can be repeatedly.

Caution: For training and educational use. Not for human or animal use.