The Apprentice Doctor®Stop The Bleed Training Kit

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The Apprentice Doctor®Stop The Bleed Training Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Learn lifesaving skills!

  • Includes online curriculum
  • Practice multiple types of injury
  • Available with or without a sphygmomanometer
Learn different ways to deal with traumatic injury. This kit allows students to practice on three different severities of bleeding, venous, arterial and amputation trauma. Techniques of applied pressure, compression bandaging, tourniquet application, and suturing can be practiced. Each kit includes materials for a lab group to learn and practice these skills on a training 'arm'. The bleeding rate is controlled through pressure applied to a blood reservoir bag, using a sphygmomanometer. Simply connect the blood bag to the appropriate inlet tube, pump up the pressure, and open the valve. There is an included on-line curriculum for students and teachers to use, covering the different techniques and types of injury.

Note: This kit was not developed as part of the Stop The Bleed® Program, and is not endorsed by it.

Ordering information: The curriculum includes instructions using a sphygmomanometer to create a continuous pressure at the wound. You can purchase the kit with or without one included.

Caution: For educational and training use only.