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Classroom Model Bundles
Models Human Biology Models
Bundle and save.

  • 3B Smart Anatomy included
  • Good for remote, or in person learning
  • Combines a teacher model and poster, with discount student models
Combining a 3B model, a Post-it Chart, and 10 student models from 4D Anatomy, these bundles give you the ability to provide a hands on anatomy experience for your students. The premium 3B model will withstand years of use in a classroom. The 3B model also includes access for you, and your students, to the 3B Smart Anatomy program for the school year. This online digital atlas provides detailed anatomical details and is easily accessible on mobile devices. The students learn general anatomical structure while assembling the 4D Anatomy model. While designed for a single assembly, the 4D Anatomy models are perfect for use by a single student or a small lab group. They can be partially disassembled for review, or taken home for later study.

Caution: Student models are intended for 1 to 2 assemblies. You may have different results, but repeated assembly and disassembly may cause breakage or excessive wear.