Ward's® Prepared Agar Cubes

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Ward's® Prepared Agar Cubes
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Make teaching diffusion easy. Exclusively from Ward's Science, we've pre-mixed, pre-poured, pre-measured and pre-cut these agar cubes to save you time and eliminate messy preparation in your lab. Just open the jar and begin using. Prepared to align with Ward's AP Biology Investigation 4: Diffusion and Osmosis, these cubes are also ideal for use on their own, or in any lab activity demonstrating the topic of diffusion. Agar cubes are prepared in three sizes (approximately 1cm, 2cm, and 3 cm). Phenolphthalein has been added to the cubes to exhibit a vivid fuchsia color during production and stored in a solution of sodium hydroxide. Just add an acid such as vinegar to demonstrate diffusion.

Each class size jar of agar cubes contains 18 cubes total and is composed of 6 each of the following sizes:
1 x 1 cm
2 x 2 cm
3 x 3 cm

Individual jars contain one of each, for a total of three cubes.

Ordering information: At times, supply may be limited due to high demand.  Please place your order approximately two weeks in advance.