Blue Phantom® True Anatomy Leg Ultrasound Trainer

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Blue Phantom® True Anatomy Leg Ultrasound Trainer
Models Human Biology Models
Extremely durable; use for repeated training.

  • Self-healing tissue
  • Use any ultrasound system
  • Matches acoustic characteristics of real tissue
Blue Phantom® leg models are excellent for training clinicians in the techniques associated with ultrasound guided treatment. Aiding users in the development of the psycho-motor skills necessary to gain proficiency in using ultrasound, these ultrasound phantoms contain a wide variety of objects with distinctive sonographic characteristics including metal projectile BBs, soft tissue masses, and vascular conditions. Utilized to develop ultrasound imaging skills as using ultrasound system controls, transducer positioning and movement, recognition of a wide variety of foreign bodies in soft tissue, targeting the foreign bodies, tissue biopsies, and vascular treatment.

Constructed using Blue Phantom® patented ultra-durable tissue, this mannequin is extremely realistic in ultrasound imaging characteristics and feels like real human tissue. This foreign body medical ultrasound training model contains a wide variety of foreign bodies dispersed throughout the model at different depths and positions. The Soft tissue mass model contains 20 masses of varying sizes (ranging from 4 to 11 mm) allowing users to develop their skills starting with larger lesions and target smaller masses as their skills progress.

The vascular and saphenofemoral access models can be purchased as either standard, or containing a deep vein thrombosis (DVT). For the best value, the Sclerotherapy kit includes the base model and three inserts with varying vessel anatomy for progressively more difficult training. All Inserts are interchangeable, making it easy to upgrade to new options.

Ordering information: These items cannot be returned if used. Please consult with your sales representitive before purchasing.