Orbit™ Organic Chemistry Molecular Models Class Kit

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Orbit™ Organic Chemistry Molecular Models Class Kit
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Atomic Structure Learning Activities
With these molecular model kits, students learn about the structure of organic molecules through teacher-led activities or independent learning.

  • 12 packets of Orbit™ molecular model components to build models of organic molecules
  • Atom centres accept bonds at the proper angles and can be reused time and again
  • Teacher and student guides included with suggested procedure
  • For use individually or in small groups of students
  • Enhance students’ learning with this engaging hands-on activity kit
Procedure explores the structure of hydrocarbons including their related isomers and functional groups.

Ordering information: Activities can be extended with the Orbit Molecular Models Class Kit.

Delivery information: Each kit contains 12 sets of these Orbit™ molecular building system parts: 8 Carbon atoms; 2 Chlorine atoms; 2 Oxygen atoms; 18 Hydrogen atoms; 30 Covalent bonds; 6 Flexible covalent bonds; and teachers guide and reproducible student worksheet.