Orbit™ Molecular Models Class Kit

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Orbit™ Molecular Models Class Kit
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Atomic Structure Learning Activities
With these molecular model kits, students learn about the structure and bonding of simple organic and inorganic molecules through teacher-led activities or independent learning.

  • 12 packets of Orbit™ molecular model components to build models of small organic and inorganic molecules
  • Atom centres accept bonds at the proper angles and can be reused time and again
  • Teacher and student guides included with procedure and suggested study questions
  • For use individually or in small groups of students
Procedure explores the structure and bonding of molecules in relation to electron dot diagrams and structural formulas.

Ordering information: Activities can be extended with the Orbit Organic Chemistry Molecular Models Class Kit.

Delivery information: Each kit contains 12 sets of these Orbit™ molecular building system parts: 2 Carbon atoms; 2 Nitrogen atoms; 6 Chlorine atoms; 4 Oxygen atoms; 1 Sulfur atom; 8 Hydrogen atoms; 20 Covalent bonds; 4 Flexible covalent bonds; and teachers guide and reproducible student worksheet.