2019-2020 Science Olympiad Water Quality Kits

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2019-2020 Science Olympiad Water Quality Kits
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Prepare for upcoming competitions with this practice kit, the only kits officially licensed and approved by science olympiad!

  • Designed hand-in-hand with the national event supervisors
  • Aligned to NGSS-based science olympiad events
Each of the two water quality kits comes with three multipart activities. While none of these activities are a part of the science olympiad tournaments, these kits are meant to serve as a general resource for preparation for the Water quality competitive event, and much more. Are your students struggling with the water monitoring and analysis section of this event? Are you a new coach and need resources to get your students started with this complex event? Each of these kits is designed to pack a lot of learning into a short period of time and at a reasonable cost. These are also great for tactile learners. Not only will the students preparing for Water Quality find these hands on activities fun and informational, but the whole team can benefit from practicing basic scientific skills.

As each activity is broken down into sections, timing and order are also flexible. Most activities can be done in one short period. Some more complex activities require 2 or 3 days. One activity runs over a period of weeks, though still isn't time intensive. Instructions for each activity, as well as answer keys and sample data are included. Plan ahead and fit the activities into everyone's busy schedules as needed.

Water quality kit A: Impacts of key environmental factors is great for those just getting started. The turbidity tube can be purchased separately, or you can build your own (resource suggestion included). Students focus on pH, turbidity and coliforms. Water quality kit B: Applications of water quality principles is great for students more comfortable in a lab based setting. Students focus on nitrate, dissolved oxygen, and phosphate. Remediation of water is attempted several ways.

These kits were developed to provide an introduction to each event and are not intended to be an 'out of the box solution' for competition. Students and competitors should practice innovation and creativity to make their design their own competition-ready device/activity.

Ordering information: This kit features the following components, hand selected by the science olympiad organization: water quality kit a: 20 graduated disposable dropper pipets, 10 PP 25 ml graduated cylinders, 2.5 kg fine sand, 2.5 kg pebbles/gravel, 6 waterworks bacteria check, coupon for E.coli, coupon for 10 nutrient agar plates, 2 vials of wide range ph paper, 2 oz. plastic cups, 9 oz. plastic cups, 30 ml window cleaner, 50 ml 5% sodium hypochlorite, 475 ml white vinegar, 30 ml green food coloring and 4 bulk nutrient broth tubes. Water quality kit b: 30 nitrate/nitrite water test strips, 8 oz. fertilizer, 60 g grass seeds, (2) 2 l soda bottles, 4 qt. potting soil, 30 ml 1% indigo carmine solution, coupon for live green mixed algae, simulated phosphate pollutant set, and 25 phosphate test strips.