Cardionics® Self Training System

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Cardionics® Self Training System
Models Human Biology Models
Allow Your Students To Study On Their Own!

  • Students study at their own pace
  • Includes hardware and workbooks
The STS and PTS Systems are designed for student self-instruction. The STS and PTS Systems were developed at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Galveston, Texas by William Thornton, M.D., Professor of Medicine and former astronaut. The Self-Teaching System (STS) is a guided program that introduces students to cardiac auscultation. The four-course system includes the STS software, pulse palpator, sounds reproducer, and 50-page illustrated workbook.

The Pulse-Training System (PTS) is a self-teaching program designed to introduce students to the theory and manual practice of arterial pulse palpation. Palpation is often the first assessment procedure a patient encounters, and proper method requires both knowledge and skill. The Pulse-Training System teaches both.