Listen-in Stethoscope Kits

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Listen-in Stethoscope Kits
Share sounds for faster learning.

  • Easy to use
  • May reduce the length and increases the efficiency of teaching sessions and rounds
  • Presenting stethoscope can be easily switched to listening stethoscope
  • Improves the confidence of both educator and trainee
  • Functional in both clinical and learning systems
  • May Be Used In Conjunction With Sam 3G®, Pat® or Standardized Patients
Cardionics has teamed up with 3M™ Littmann to develop the 3M Littmann Listen-In Mobile Kit for effortless sharing of live patient physiological sounds. Users can pair up to five Littmann Model 3200 stethoscopes via a Bluetooth-enabled tablet and listen in on the auscultating stethoscope.

This kit is optimal for both educative and clinical purposes — whether it’s students auscultating a SAM 3G manikin or an attending physician rounding with their residents. The software and stethoscopes are incredibly user-friendly, allowing users to quickly switch between presenting stethoscopes for more intensive and accurate training. Through the 3M Littmann Listen-In Mobile Kit, instructors will gain confidence in their students’ accuracy and students will gain confidence in their own assessment skills.