Bio-Rad® Engineering Solutions for Global Health Kit

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Bio-Rad® Engineering Solutions for Global Health Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Bring engineering into your biology classroom by having your students design a solution to a complex, real-world problem-malnutrition.

  • A framework for students to evaluate design constraints using data to support claims
  • Opportunities for students to think critically about complex global issues
  • Contains instructor's guide, background information on Bradford assay, and lesson materials
  • All consumables and reagents for 32 students (8 workstations)
World hunger is a global health crisis that affects millions world-wide and gives context for students to study proteins and nutrition. In this activity, students use a Bradford assay to collect data and design a treatment proposal for protein energy undernutrition (PEU).

They will use an iterative engineering design approach to define the problem, create and test a prototype, and revise their solutions.

Ordering information: Kit Contains quick start Bradford assay reagent, protein standard II, conical tubes, disposable transfer pipets and curriculum.

Delivery information: This kit ships upon order receipt unless you specify otherwise.