ADC® Adcuff Replacement Cuff With Bladders

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ADC® Adcuff Replacement Cuff With Bladders
Blood Pressure Monitors
For use with most pocket and clock aneroids.

  • Available for single or double tube systems
  • Long 55 cm tubing
  • Three year warranty
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
Used in virtually all ADC® prosphyg and diagnostix brand instruments, the newly redesigned adcuff is the most feature rich bladdered cuff on the market. Manufactured to our exacting specifications, ADC® starts with the finest 210 denier nylon. Sewn with only nylon thread to resist puckering during laundering. The custom manufactured hook and loop adhesive is specially matched to provide a minimum of 30,000 open and close cycles. Many lesser cuffs won’t even make it to the industry mandated 10,000. ADC® randomly tests it on specialized test equipment in our facility to ensure long wear.

It feature an improved size guide marking system to reduce the risk of mis-cuffing. The new size icon system simplifies cuff selection. All ADC® cuffs now feature our bladder flap that secures the bladderand prevents “bulging”. All ADC® sphygs are now completely latex free. ADC still uses a traditional bladder. Two years has been spent testing and evaluating materials ultimately selecting a specially formulated PVC that has tensile properties similar to latex with superior environmental stability.

ADC® has tested these bladders successfully to a minimum of 50,000 cycles - 5× more than required under the ANSI SP 10 standard and 60% more than our previous latex and neoprene bladders. Each and every bladder is leak tested at the factory and we random leak test bladders a second time in our facility.