Backyard Brains® Muscle Spiker Box Pro

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Backyard Brains® Muscle Spiker Box Pro
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Human Biology Learning Activities
Hack the nervous system!

  • Connect via USB or audio cable to free recording software on any device
  • Record from multiple muscles at the same time
  • Add the 'Reflex Hammer' to precisely measure reflexes like the 'Knee-Jerk'
  • Add the 'Reaction Timer' to use muscle contractions to measure reaction times to light and sounds
Reveal and record the electrical activity hidden within muscles. This easy to use kit allows users to record EMG signals, giving the power to perform human physiology experiments. As part of the Backyard Brains Pro line, this kit is easy to use for beginners, but powerful enough to record publication-ready results. This kit can turn any home or classroom into a Ph.D. lab, transforming nervous system lectures into hands-on, data-driven experiences.