Ward's® Petrology Collection of Rocks and Minerals Series

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Ward's® Petrology Collection of Rocks and Minerals Series
Specimens Rock Specimens Rock Collections
Advanced study series of almost 100 specimens.

  • Hand cut by Ward's geologists
  • Includes 96 specimens, 1×1 to 1×2", conveniently broken up into affordable collections
Well-defined samples of rocks and rock-forming minerals that are idea for study. Students will be able to identify important textures and structures in the carefully selected specimens. Each set comes in a house in a compartmented collection box with an identification list including localities.

Igneous Collection: Includes 18 igneous rocks and 18 igneous minerals.
Sedimentary Collection: Includes 22 sedimentary rocks and 14 sedimentary minerals.
Metamorphic Collection: Includes 13 metamorphic rocks and 11 metamorphic minerals.
Complete Petrology Series: Buy all three sets and save.