Bio-Rad® PCR and Electrophoresis Starter Equipment Sets

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Bio-Rad® PCR and Electrophoresis Starter Equipment Sets
Electrophoresis Systems Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
These sets cover all your needs for PCR and DNA Electrophoresis.

  • High-quality equipment for use in your classroom
  • 2 different bundles available based on Micropipette type
  • Easily add modules as your program grows
  • Equipment is for educational use only
Build up your biotech lab step by step with research-quality PCR and DNA (horizontal) Electrophoresis lab sets and add modules as your program grows.

Both Sets Contain: (1) T100 Thermal Cycler; (1) PowerPac Basic Power Supply; (2) Mini centrifuges; (1) Digital Dry Bath; (9) Adjustable-volume 2-20µl Micropipettes; (1) Adjustable-volume 20 to 200 µl Micropipettes; (1) Adjustable-volume 100 to 1000 µl Micropipettes; (4) Mini-Sub Cell GT Systems; (4) Gel staining trays; (5) tube racks.

For professional grade adjustable-volume, autoclavable micropipettes, consider package A. For standard educational-grade adjustable-volume micropipettes, consider package B.