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BoneClones® Animal Skulls, Primates


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BoneClones® Animal Skulls, Primates
Models Zoology Models
Replicas of real specimens.

  • More options for your comparative anatomy section
  • Replica skulls are available from protected species
  • Select from different habits, and dietary types
  • High quality casting from a real skull
Each of these Skulls is a great addition for a comparative anatomy course, or as part of an overall collection for comparison in a general biology curriculum. Each skull is cast from a mold made from a real specimen, and is finished for a true bone appearance. Now you can show you students the skulls you could only describe before. Individual species are described below.
Aye-Aye: From the rainforests of Madagascar, the aye-aye is, perhaps, the strangest of the primates. They lack canines and have large incisors similar to rodents, which continue to grow and, like rodent incisors, have enamel only on the front surface.
Slender Loris: The slender loris, an arboreal, nocturnal primate, is found in forests of Southern India and Sri Lanka. It gets its name from its long, thin limbs. Its very large eyes, which make possible excellent vision at night, are set in a round head with big, round ears.
Tarsier: Small, insectivorous, nocturnal tree-dwelling primates, tarsiers receive their name from their greatly elongated tarsus. This adaptation allows them to make prodigious, sure-footed leaps through trees. Their eyes are proportionally the largest of all mammals.

Indri Lemur: The indri, like all other lemurs, is endemic to Madagascar. The largest of the prosimians, the Indri may reach a weight of about 29 pounds and a length of 4 feet (with legs extended). It is easily distinguished from other large species by its vestigial tail.
Black Spider Monkey: The spider monkey can be found in the Amazon rainforest and gets its name from the length of its spindly limbs. Weighing about 20 pounds, it grows to a length of 15-22 inches. Its prehensile tail, which is two to three feet long, can be used to hang from trees.
Mandrill: Mandrills are the world's largest simian species with adult males achieving weights of 120 pounds. Male mandrills are also notable for their impressive 2 to 3 inch long canine teeth. They yawn when threatened in order to show their formidable weaponry.
Baboon: The chacma baboon is found on the savannahs of southern Africa. A distinctive feature of this baboon is its dog-like muzzle, hence commonly called dog-faced monkey. The female ranges from 16-24 inches, weighs about 35 pounds and lives for a maximum of 45 years.
Saki Monkey: The saki monkey inhabits a wide range of forests north of the Amazon River. They use their large canines to open the fruit and then use their molars to chew the softer seeds. Their robust mandible is also a sign of their dietary practice.

Bonobo: The bonobo is native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Sometimes called the pygmy chimp, its status as a species distinct from the common chimpanzee was recognized by Coolidge in 1933. Bonobos are known for their sexual behavior; their casual sexual activity occurs in all combinations. These brief encounters often occur around the sharing of food or other occasions during which aggression could arise.
Chimpanzee: Native to the African rainforest, the male chimpanzee weighs up to 120 lbs. and grows up to 5 1/2 feet tall. This particular specimen has a sagittal crest which is unusual in chimpanzees but not unheard of in large male individuals. Smaller than the male on average, the female stands at about 3 1/2 feet and weighs 60 to 110 pounds. Chimps have long arms, opposable thumbs and opposable big toes.
Gorilla: Male gorillas are the largest of the world primates, reaching heights of 6 feet (when standing erect) and weights up to 400 pounds. Gorillas have large heads with prominent brow ridges, a prognathic face and forward-facing wide-set eyes. Wild female gorillas stand 3 1/2 to 5 feet tall and weigh 150 to 220 pounds. Their skulls are less massive than the males, having a reduced nuchal crest and lacking a sagittal crest. The brow ridge is less pronounced and the canine teeth proportionally smaller.





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