2019-2020 Science Olympiad Crime Busters Kit

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2019-2020 Science Olympiad Crime Busters Kit
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Crime Scene Evidence Learning Activities
Prepare for upcoming competitions with this practice kit, the only kits officially licensed and approved by Science Olympiad!

  • Designed hand-in-hand with the National Event Supervisors
  • Aligned to NGSS-based Science Olympiad events
  • Event rules can be downloaded for FREE from the Science Olympiad website: store.soinc.org
This kit features the following components, hand selected by the Science Olympiad Organization.

Sodium Acetate Anhydrous 10 G Lg; Sodium Chloride (Salt) 10 g; Sugar 16 oz. (454 g); Fine (White) Sand 32 oz.; L-Ascorbic Acid Lg 25 g Powder; Calcium Carbonate 10 g (94068-00); Flour 10 g; Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate 10 g; Cornstarch 10 g; Baking Soda 454 g (24 Tablespoons); Alka Seltzer Bx 24 Tablets (1 St = Pk2); Yeast 7 g Dry Baking 1; Gelatin B×4 Pkts 28 g (Makes 8 Cups); Hydrochloric Acid 1 M 250 ml; Iodine Solution 30 ml Starch Test 1.85%; Textile Fibers Wm Wards Item; Human Hair (Wm) Slide; Dog Hair (Wm) Slide; Cat Hair (Wm) Slide; Horse Hair (Wm) Slide; Mouse Hair (Wm) Slide; Deer Hair (Wm) Slide; Cloth Linen White 11×9; Cloth Wool White 11×9; Cloth Silk White 11×9; Cloth Nylon White 11×9; Cloth Polyester White 11×9; Cloth Cotton White 11×9; Tin Foil 10 g; Polypropylene 2.5 cm Cube ± 0.040 /Side; Pet G 2×2; HDPE 2×2; LDPE 2×2; Polystyrene 2×2; PVC 2×2; Acrylic 2×2; Iron Filings in 5×7 Vinyl Sleeve 80 Mesh; Copper Turnings 100 mg; Aluminum Granular 10 g; Zinc Granular 10 g; and Magnesium Granular 10 g.




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470023-904 Recyclable Plastics, 16 Lab Groups, Includes Teacher's Guide and Student Copymaster
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