GLO® Aquarium Bulbs

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470309-004EA 2.95 USD
470309-004 470308-778 470308-768 470309-002 470100-584 470308-770 470308-772 470308-774 470308-776
GLO® Aquarium Bulbs
Lights Light Bulbs
Replacement bulbs for older hoods.

  • Commonly needed sizes for aquaria
  • Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs available
Aqua Glo and Power Glo bulbs have been a preferred replacement bulb by hobbyists for many years. As a general replacement we recommend the Power Glo. The Power Glo provides a bright blue-white light (18000 K) and simulates open water conditions the bulb intensifies fish and coral colors, while providing for most photosynthetic organisms. The Aqua Glo bulbs provide a broader spectrum for increased photosynthetic processes, and is preferred for planted aquaria.