Economical Class 7 Cylindrical Weights

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300S 61054S 318S 61015S 61024S 61023S 338S 61025S 61014S 61016S 61055S 311S 61026S 61013S 61053S 341S 301S
470204-252KT 109.95 USD
470204-252 470305-864 470204-258 470305-866 470305-810 470305-876 470305-874 470305-868 470305-808 470305-870 470204-282 470120-998 470305-872 470204-270 470305-878 470017-700 470204-254
Economical Class 7 Cylindrical Weights
Weights Calibration Weights
For rough weighing operations in physical and chemical laboratories, such as force measuring apparatus.

  • Weights above 5 g are constructed of 303 Stainless Steel
  • Weights 5 g and below are constructed of 3003-H14 Aluminum
  • Manufactured in the USA
These sets are supplied in a rugged plastic case with a locking latch and compartment for each weight in the case. Weights 100 g through 10 g are cylindrical with a handling knob. Weights 5 g through 1 g are flat with one end turned up for easy handling. Individual weights are not supplied in a case.