Ward's® Narcan Administration Training Kit

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Ward's® Narcan Administration Training Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Practice the skill before you need it.

  • Incorporates two styles of administration
  • Includes a marked reusable bag
  • Sized for storage of local pamphlets/flyers
Many states are allowing the use of Naloxone (Narcan) by police, fire, school personnel, and even individual citizens. Every area has slightly different requirements or instructions for use. In all cases proper administration can be key to preventing an overdose death. This kit incorporates two common types of administration tools. The first is a pre-filled syringe fitted with a nasal atomizer. This type of most commonly found in hospitals, and with EMTs but may also be issued to schools and police organizations. The second type is a single use nasal applicator.

This style is easier to use by those with less training. Both types of applicators in this kit are intended to be used with a simulator, and contain no medicine. Between trainings the applicators can be stored in the clearly labeled bag to limit the chance of mixing up training materials and emergency supplies. The bag also has an area so you can place any of your state or locally supplied literature to pass along to your trainees. School nurses, administrators, outreach groups, clinics, firehouses, EMTs, police, and even pharmacies can find this kit useful. Anyplace Narcan is stored, or distributed can benefit from local training.

Accessories information: Additional applicators are available for individual sale.