Backyard Brains® Neuron Spikerbox

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Backyard Brains® Neuron Spikerbox
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What will you discover?

  • The original backyard brains product
  • Software for computer, tablet, or phone
The Neuron SpikerBox is a "bioamplifier" that allows you to hear and see spikes (i.e. action potentials) of real living neurons in insects and other invertebrates. Don't wait until graduate school to listen to spikes like we did. Get the SpikerBox and listen today!

The Neuron SpikerBox comes with everything you need to get started learning neuroscience. You only need to supply time, curiosity, and an invertebrate (cricket, earthworm, or cockroach). Once you have an invertebrate, follow your getting started guide and our online experiments, and soon you will be listening to the sweet beautiful sound of spikes. You can even take it a step further, by using our Smartphone Cable to plug your SpikerBox into your smartphone or tablet to look at the neurons firing in real time. All of the apps and software are free to download and use.