Ward's® Painted Lady Butterflies

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Ward's® Painted Lady Butterflies
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Vanessa cardui Butterflies form chrysalides and transform into colorful butterflies right before your eyes.

  • Complete habitats available in 3 different sizes
  • Students experience a full life cycle
  • Now available with pre-mixed or powdered food options
  • Quick development - occurs between 14 to 26 days
All complete culture kits include a pop-up mesh pavilion, larvae, setup instructions, and enough media to take them from caterpillar to butterfly.

Ordering information: These products contain living or perishable materials. Please specify a delivery date at time of ordering.

Ward's holds valid USDA permits allowing us to ship to most Continental US States.

Delivery information: FOR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS–Please see the Butterfly Order Form on the Product Resources Tab for larvae spring shipping schedule.