Innovating Science® Introduction to Ionic Reactions

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Innovating Science®
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Innovating Science® Introduction to Ionic Reactions
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Learn the reactivity of ionic compounds.

  • Uses microscale chemistry!
  • Aligned to NGSS practices
  • Performance expectations: MS-PS1-1, MS-PS1-2, MS-PS1-5, HS-PS1-1, HS-PS1-2, HS-PS1-7
  • Disciplinary core ideas: PS1.A, PS1.B
  • Cross cutting concepts: Patterns; Scale, Proportion, and Quantity; Energy and Matter
  • Engineering practices: Developing and using models, Analyzing and interpreting data
The activity in this kit is designed to introduce students to the concepts of ionic reactions. Students will test a series of microscale chemical combinations watching for reactions. The contents of this kit have been optimized to minimize risks of cross contamination, teacher preparation and waste generation. This kit has all of the materials 10 groups. Teachers manual and student study guide copymasters are included.

Delivery information: Instructor's Manual and SDS included.