Vernier® Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

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470001-860EA 230.99 USD
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Vernier® Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Electrodes Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
You can make fast, accurate measurements of dissolved oxygen concentration in water samples using our Dissolved Oxygen Sensor.

•Range of 0 to 14 mg/L (ppm) of dissolved oxygen.

•Built-in temperature compensation, which means you can do your calibrations in the lab, and then make measurements outdoors without having to recalibrate.

•Fast response time, reaching 95% of full reading in 30 seconds.

•Great for biology, chemistry, ecology, or integrated science courses.

Disposable caps with pre-fit membranes allow you to quickly and conveniently change membranes. An extra membrane cap is included with each probe.

Calibration is easy with this sensor. Simply place the electrode in the zero-oxygen solution provided with the probe for the 0% calibration point. For the 100% calibration point, place the electrode in air (or better yet, in water-saturated air, using the provided calibration bottle). The probe can be calibrated in any units you choose: % dissolved oxygen, mg/L, or ppm dissolved oxygen.

The DO-DIN and DO-BTA include the dissolved oxygen probe, zero-oxygen solution, extra membrane cap, a 100% calibration bottle, electrode filling solution, and a probe information booklet.