PYREX® Micro-Organic Chemistry Kit – Deluxe Version

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PYREX® Micro-Organic Chemistry Kit – Deluxe Version
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Microchemistry Learning Activities
This unique glassware kit that is among the finest for use in the microchemistry lab.
All components are made of Pyrex® and feature interchangeable standard taper joints, enabling you to use fewer clamps while performing distillation, extraction reflux and other microscale experiments.
Includes: sturdy molded polyethylene storage cases with a cut-out foam insert, air reflux condenser (7/10M – 7/10F), air reflux condenser (14/10M – 7/10F), capillary gas delivery tube (7/10M), two gas chromatograph collection tubes (5/5M), Craig recrystallization tube (1 mL capacity), two conical reaction vials (complete, 0.1 mL capacity, 5/5F), conical reaction vial (complete, 0.3 mL capacity, 7/10F) and an additional conical reaction vial (complete, 3.0 mL capacity, 14/10F).