Transformation of E.coli Lab

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Transformation of E.coli Lab
DNA/RNA Clean-up Kits
Understand the Basics of Genetic Engineering

  • Guided or open-inquiry
  • Bactobeads are stable for nine months at room temp
  • Time required: ~90 minutes over 2-3 days
In this experiment, your students will develop an understanding of bacterial transformation by plasmid DNA by introducing an opportunity to observe an acquired phenotypic trait of the transformed bacterial cells. The presence of blue bacterial colonies visually demonstrates the expression of a specific gene for the Lac+ phenotype.

Kit includes: instructions, BactoBeads™, plasmid DNA, buffer, media, ampicillin, X-Gal, ReadyPour™ agar, petri dishes, sterile pipettes, loops and microtubes.

Required, but not included: micropipette and tips, two water baths (37˚C and 42˚C), incubation oven, thermometer, pipette pumps or bulbs, ice, marking pens, Bunsen burner, hot plate or microwave oven, and hot gloves

Packaging: Some components require refrigerator & freezer storage on arrival.