Transformation of E.coli with Green or Blue Fluorescent Protein

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Transformation of E.coli with Green or Blue Fluorescent Protein
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Using this kit, students genetically engineer bacteria with genes from a jellyfish.

  • GFP and Mutated BFP Plasmids Included
  • Guided or Open-Inquiry
  • At Room Temperature, Bactobeads Remain Stable for Nine Months
  • Time Required: 90 Minutes Over Two to Three Days
  • Students Transform Bacteria with GFP, BFP, or Both
The Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP), which is responsible for bioluminescence in the jellyfish Aequorea victoria, is used extensively in all areas of science. Many organisms have been transformed with the GFP gene.

It's so useful that scientists have mutated it to produce Blue Fluorescent Protein (BFP). In this simple experiment, students transform bacteria with GFP, BFP, or both.

Ordering information: This kit includes instructions, BactoBeads, plasmid DNA, IPTG, ampicillin, transformation solution, ReadyPour agar, Luria broth, petri dishes, sterile pipettes and loops. A water bath, 37°C incubation oven, microwave or hot plate, and long-wave UV lamp are required but not included.

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