Ward's® DNA Structure And Protein Synthesis Kit

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Ward's® DNA Structure And Protein Synthesis Kit
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In this lab, students build a DNA model and simulate the replication, transcription, and translation process during protein synthesis.

  • Students Learn How Data in DNA is Expressed
  • Assessments and Vocabulary Words Target Common Core Standards
  • 10 groups of students
  • Kit Employs NGSS Life and Physical Science DCIs LS1 and PS1
  • Estimated Lab Time: 45 Minutes
Using hydrogen bond connectors, students build models of phosphate and sugar separating at the hydrogen bonds that connect the complementary nitrogen bases. They build a DNA molecule and perform a series of steps to experience how information stored in DNA is expressed as a finished product.

These activities introduce students to Life Science Framework Standard (LS1) and Physical Science Framework Standard (PS1). Pre and post-laboratory assessments and vocabulary words target specific Science and Engineering Practices and Common Core standards. The teacher guide contains specific "Did You Know" concepts that link the real world with scientific standards explored. This kit includes a student copymaster and material for 10 groups of students.

Ordering information: This kit includes black deoxyribose molecule pieces, blue ribose molecule pieces, white flexible phosphate molecule tubes, red guanine base tubes, blue thymine base tubes, green adenine base tubes, white uracil base tubes, solid hydrogen bond connectors, blue tRNA models, black amino acid models, white rigid amino acid bonding tubes, and blue ribosome models.