Ward's® Live Saltwater Tank Invertebrate Sets

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470180-540 470180-542
Ward's® Live Saltwater Tank Invertebrate Sets
Specimens Live Specimens Aquaria - Living Material
Ideal Invertebrate Specimens for Your Marine Studies.

  • Two sets available
  • For marine studies
Set 1 includes the following 20 specimens:
1 Giant anemone
1 Flame scallop,
2 Lettuce slugs
6 Marine snails
10 Sea anemones.

Set 2 includes the following 6 Specimens:
Hermit Crab
Sea Peach
Sea Cucumber
Serpent Star
Sea Urchin
Horseshoe Crab

Ordering information: This item contains live or perishable materials.

This product is not available in Canada.

Delivery information: Shipped overnight, an additional shipping fee applies.

At checkout, please provide the date you wish the complete kit to arrive. Please allow up to 2 weeks, as these specimens are wild-collected.