Ward's® Live E.coli cultures Strains: JM101 and RRI

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Ward's® Live E.coli cultures Strains: JM101 and RRI
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Two o strains of Escherichia coli; one exhibiting Ampicillin resistance, and one sensitive, but competent and ready to receive the plasmid that confers resistance.

Strain JM101: Includes the plasmid pUC8, which makes it resistant to Ampicillin.
Strain RRI: Can be transformed with pUC19 (available separately) plasmid to become resistant to Ampicillin and to metabolize lactose.

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Bacterial and fungal cultures are restricted and can only be ordered by educational professionals.

Caution: Although this organism is non pathogenic, Ward’s recommends that you utilize proper aseptic technique when handling all microorganisms.