Ward's® Live Mealworm Larvae, Pupae and Beetles (Tenebrio)

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Ward's® Live Mealworm Larvae, Pupae and Beetles (Tenebrio)
Specimens Live Specimens Animals - Living Material
Teach your students about the complete metamorphosis of an insect with these mealworms.

  • Store mealworms in bran until ready to use
  • Excellent food source for turtles, salamanders and fish
  • Demonstrates complete metamorphosis
Ordering information: Culture Kit includes culture pan, bran medium, care instructions and a coupon for a Tenebrio starter kit. This item contains a coupon for live or perishable materials. You will need to provide a date that the live or perishable components will arrive.

Delivery information: The Culture kit will ship separately from the live component. Kits do not contain perishable components and generally ship via UPS ground.

Perishable components will ship via overnight or second day delivery.