Ward's® Live Volvox globator Culture

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Ward's® Live Volvox globator Culture
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Volvox globator is a species of colonial green algae that forms spherical colonies of cells.

  • Genus: Volvox
  • Species: globator
  • Spherical, Hollow Colonies Containing Immature Daughter Cells
  • Volvox has Green Plastids and Cell Walls Composed of Cellulose
  • V. globator Has Thicker Cytoplasmic Connections than Related V. aureus
Volvox globator is a species of Chlorophyte algae that can be found in freshwater lakes and ponds. When in optimal conditions, V. globator will reproduce asexually; during times of drought or other adversity it will switch to sexual reproduction.

Volvox has green plastids and cell walls composed of cellulose and spherical, hollow colonies containing immature daughter cells.