Modeling Solar Absorption Capacities Lab Activity

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Modeling Solar Absorption Capacities Lab Activity
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This kit illustrates the power of renewable solar energy.

  • Lab Explores Non-Polluting Energy
  • Students Design Experiments to Study Heat-Absorbing Capacities of Various Fluids
  • Purpose for Students: to Develop Greater Understanding of Solar Power
  • Extended Activity: Creating a Solar Energy Collector
  • Material for Five Lab Setups
It allows students to design and perform an experiment to calculate and compare heat-absorbing capacities of various fluids. Based on the experiment results, students can determine efficient applications for fluid solar energy collectors. Greater understanding of this nonpolluting energy is reached through individual experimentation.

In an extended application, teachers can challenge students to design their own efficient and inexpensive solar energy collector.

Ordering information: This kit includes a teacher's guide, student copymasters, and material for five setups. A hot-water bath is needed but not supplied.

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